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Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart

How to Relate to Those Who Are Suffering

“Like one who takes away a garment on a cold day, or like vinegar poured on soda, is one who sings songs to a heavy heart.” (Proverbs 25:20)

This proverb describes an all-too-human problem each of us faces from time to time. We want to reach out and help those who are hurting—but the words or actions we use may unintentionally add to their burdens instead of easing their pain.

A Much-Needed Guide

Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart provides a much-needed guide for giving people comfort in their times of need. Forged in the crucible of his own experiences of suffering, Kenneth C. Haugk shaped this book through research with over four thousand individuals who had also experienced suffering in their lives. Dr. Haugk listened to their stories and compressed their collective wisdom into gems of compassion and understanding that everyone can learn from and use.

Built on a solid biblical foundation and brimming with God’s grace, Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart provides specific suggestions about what to say or do—and what not to say or do. It will touch your heart, expand your thinking, and help you bring Christ’s loving care to hurting people when they need it most.

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